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For insufficiently stable substances, it is possible to apply protective shells masking the unpleasant organoleptic properties of medicinal substances (taste, smell, coloring ability), which is achieved by imposing shells of sugar, cocoa, chocolate, etc. localization of the action of a drug in a certain place of the gastrointestinal tract by applying shells that are soluble in acidic or alkaline environment prolongation of the action of medicinal substances (by casino) regulation of the sequential absorption of individual medicinal substances from a tablet of a complex composition at certain intervals (multilayer tablets) a combination of medicinal substances that are incompatible in physico-chemical properties.

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during storage, the tablets can lose their disintegration and cement or, conversely, collapse with the tablets, excipients are introduced into the body, sometimes causing side effects (for example, talc irritates the mucous membranes), individual drugs form highly concentrated solutions in the dissolution zone, which can cause severe irritation of the mucous membranes shells. This drawback can be easily eliminated if such tablets are crushed and dissolved in a certain amount of water before taking; pills cannot be entered into the body with vomiting or fainting, not all patients, especially children, can freely swallow pills.

Tablets with a diameter of more than 9 mm, having one or two perpendicular to each other (notches), which allows you to divide the tablet into two or four parts and thus vary the dosage of the casino.

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Gastric (stomach-soluble) enteric (enteric) PH levels vary in different parts of the gastrointestinal tract. The difference between the pH levels in the stomach (1.5-2) and the small intestine (5.9-7.9) is especially large. It is especially important to take this into account in order to assess the effectiveness of the main active ingredients (which can vary in accordance with the pH) that make up the tablets. However, pH should also be taken into account to prevent the destruction of the main active substances in the gastric juice. In this regard, gastro-resistant tablets have become widespread, in which the main active ingredient is protected from gastric juice, undergoing absorption only in the small intestine. Obtained by coating tablets with an enteric coating (enteric tablets) or by pressing granules and particles previously coated with gastrointestinal shell or compression of medicinal substances mixed with gastro-resistant filler (durula).

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Film coatings can be soluble in water (from solutions of natural cellulose, polyethylene glycols, gelatin and gum arabic, etc.) and insoluble in water, or varnishes (from some high molecular weight compounds) The term is used to denote controlled release tablets, sustained-release tablets, sustained-release tablets, etc. The term is not used to name tablets designated as depot tablets, implantable tablets, retard tablets, rapid retard tablets.
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Tablets with prolonged (periodic) release of the drug from the stock. They are usually microbeads with a drug substance surrounded by a biopolymer matrix (base); the base or microgranules dissolve in layers, releasing the next portion of the drug. It hurts when you smile or frown, eat or drink, when you clench or unclench your jaw, or turn your head. Sometimes it hurts even when you breathe because cold air rushes into your mouth and passes over a sensitive tooth.
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If an attack of acute toothache happened late at night or on a weekend, and there is no way to run to a 24-hour dental clinic, it remains to resort to emergency methods that temporarily relieve suffering.

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